January 30, 2012

Priorities and progress

By James Barrett

I started this post in 2012 to track some of what I wanted to work on on the school board over my first 2 years and have updated with my status as much as possible. There isn’t necessarily an order to this list, and it won’t be exhaustive (it is probably longer than it should be), but these are the things I think we need to do differently for sure.

Priority Timeframe How measure Results
Achievement Gap Ongoing Hire a Gap Czar to focus on steps CHCCS can take to close the gap Associate Superintendent named in Jan 2012 to specifically address equity. Need to ensure focus on execution across the district for results that meet our expectations
Budget process / transparency Ready for 12-13 cycle by end of Winter A clear budget that either prioritizes where we spend aligned with our priorities and goals or a strong request for why we need more money to our funders  12/13 budget passed without tax increase, but focused on areas aligned to our priorities

13/14 budget still in process, but continues focus on improved instruction in every classroom

Elementary #11 Leading up to opening Aug ’13 Regular engagement of Northside community in setting direction and feeling ownership of new school  Off to a good start, including innovative organizational structures to ensure every student’s needs are met without adding budget
Measure growth Metrics in place K-12 by May 2013 Use of growth metrics, including pre- and post-unit tests, to show great teachers and those that need help. Focusing on growing each and every student expected or more.  Still work to be done here. Is a focus area for new long-range plan I hope to help make a reality.
Technology use for excellent instruction ongoing Ensure new investments in technology are focused on improving instruction for all students. Use technology to extend reach of great teachers.  Still work to be done here. Is a focus area for new long-range plan I hope to help make a reality.
Gifted Plan Aug 2013 Ensure a plan is in place that is measureable, meets our district priorities and goals, solves problems such as underidentification of minority students.  New plan to be approved this month is an improvement, but next cycle in 2016 should be focus for radical improvements for every student.

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