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As a candidate for office, we invite you to submit a brief profile, which will include the following information (along with a candidate photograph):

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1) James Barrett, Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools Board of Education,

2) Having lived in Chapel Hill since 1977, attending Seawell, Phillips, and Chapel Hill High, I have a deep understanding of our community and the values we share about education. I also bring 20 years of business management experience to looking at the issues facing our educational system in a different way.  Prior to being elected to the school board in 2011, I was a founding member of Orange County Justice United, working on addressing social justice issues.  I’ve been on the board for 2 years, where I have learned so much about the specifics of bringing about change

3) When I ran for the board two years ago, I promised that our district would be undergoing major changes.  We had a new superintendent for the first time in two decades, Common Core was upon us, and budget challenges from the recession were only beginning. Today, we understand some of those changes, and we’re heading in new directions because of them, notably in a strategic plan for district-wide improvement. I’m running for re-election because in the next four years, I want to focus on using that plan to meet our shared goals—now, it’s all about accountability.

The plan strives to meet the vision of having every student learn and grow, every day, through vastly improved instruction. As we face a serious budget challenge next year, we need to focus on the priorities of our district to deliver great instruction. And there are countless other smaller changes that need to occur—in our gifted programming, in how we communicate with stakeholders, and in how we align our measurements with our values.

It’s a great plan, but it’s still just broad outlines. I want to continue on the board to make sure we follow through on our promises to the community.

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