About James

I was elected to the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education in 2011 to a two-year term, won a four-year term in 2013, and am excited about running for another 4-year in November 2017. Contact me or meet my fellow board members here.

I moved to Chapel Hill in 1977, when I started third grade at Seawell. I attended Phillips and Chapel Hill High, graduating in 1987. After college and graduate work, my wife and I moved back to Chapel Hill in 1995. We built our dream house in 2006 and plan to live in the Southern Part of Heaven for a long, long time. Our family’s roots go deep in education; my mother was a long-term teacher and teacher mentor in this district; my mother-in-law started her career as a teacher (high school and kindergarten), and my father-in-law was a professor.

I’ve been an active volunteer with Chapel Hill and Carrboro’s children; even before we had kids, I coached Y basketball, and we were high school youth advisors at church.

Until I joined the school board, I continued to coach my children’s baseball and basketball teams and was a regular math volunteer in their classes for many years–I love helping kids see how much fun math is. Our son is now a college freshman, and our daughter a high school sophomore. They have had mostly good experiences in the schools, but I’ve also seen things that I don’t like as a parent that go unaddressed in the schools.

I have also worked for Chapel Hill’s children as a founding member of the strategy team of Orange County Justice United and a member of its education action team. Justice United is a community advocacy organization, made up of members of mostly churches and synagogues in southern Orange County and other interested groups, such as Habitat for Humanity. Their model is to listen carefully and at length to the concerns of the community before choosing specific items among those concerns to focus on, then work with government officials and others in the town and county to effect change. Working with JU sharpened my listening skills, showed me yet again the diverse needs and concerns of our community, and gave me another impetus to run for the school board to work toward the changes we need.

Professionally, I work at Lenovo as an IT program manager.

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