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I want to hear from everyone interested in education in our state, but especially North Carolina’s 100,000 public school teachers about what your Department of Public Instruction can do to improve your classroom experiences. Please call us at (919) 351-9060 and share: What are the most significant obstacles you face each day and how can public policy effectively address them?  We will post the most interesting ideas in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Share your ideas”

  1. Kelly Allen provided first feedback, noting that her Chemistry class is too big. This is a result of our General Assembly. They love to talk about reducing K-3 class size in past couple of years, but overall teacher allocations are down 3% which means that high schools are impacted that much more. As State Superintendent, I will advocate for restoring positions that we need to ensure student success. Our state can afford it (spending is down 9% as share of our state’s GDP), we just lack the political will today. Educators and friends can make a big difference through organized effort. Our General Assembly across the state needs to hear from you across the state to know that fully funding education is important.

  2. As a 7th grade teacher, the biggest obstacle I face is a lack of planning time. Differentiated and highly engaging lessons take about 3 hours of planning to every 1 hour of actual classroom instruction. I’m lucky if I get 45 minutes a day to plan actual lessons. Most of planning includes meetings with parents, replying to emails, and grading. Any planning usually has to happen on the weekends. If there was a way to increase teacher planning time, it would increase student success and teacher retention.

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