I’m the son of a 30+ year teacher and product of North Carolina public schools.  I’ve been on the school board in Chapel Hill-Carrboro for 8 years (2 as chair), leading changes to focus on equity in everything we do, provide transparency in our budgets, and promote the professionalism of teachers as key to successful schools. In my day job, I lead large IT projects and manage large staffs and processes.  I don’t believe education (nor government) needs to run like a business, but I know how to lead people, work systems, and prioritize investments to achieve better results for students, teachers, parents, and our state.

There are many challenges facing our schools, including some which have been self-inflicted. I have ideas for how to reduce the impact of testing on our students, teachers, and time for instruction.  I believe equity must include adequate funding for all North Carolina students to receive access to a great education, and I will fight to truly prioritize this investment in our state’s future. I believe that DPI can provide resources for our teachers and then “get out of the way” so that the professionals who have the most impact on students can build relationships and deliver great results.

Join me…

I can’t make this journey alone. I will ask for your support in many ways over the course of this campaign and to support our schools when I’m elected.  To get started, we need serious funds for a statewide campaign.  I am honored by anything you can give to support the effort.

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