James Barrett for NC Superintendent

Leadership of change

What I think James has, that others democratic candidates do not, is the ability to lead the change process involved in getting all sides to see the necessity, the advantages and the opportunity for professional development that is meaningful, in the science of reading. This isn’t solely about programs and curriculum, it’s a shift towards adopting new scientific information around reading instruction and it will involve a lot of players on many levels. I believe James has been the only Democratic candidate thus far that has shown the ability to lead this change and truly understand what the science of reading is. And he’s demonstrated the ability to lead this change by sitting back and listening, then educating himself on the research and realizing that our great teachers are going to be the most important piece and this isn’t an attack on them at all, it’s about helping them to increase literacy proficiency for all children. Making our children college and career ready.

Stephanie Hall

I was a teacher at

I was a teacher at Wake and Granville County schools for 36 years. Someone desperately needs to help us! Still volunteering on a weekly basis. The system is so underfunded!!

Judy Robbins
retired teacher

Good Morning Superintendent Barrett you are already making good decisions,( RUN JAMES RUN)

Eugene Farrar
former Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP President and schools custodian

More than a figurehead

As early voting begins in our state today, I wanted to encourage you to look at James Barrett, candidate for NC Superintendent in the Democratic Primary. While it would be easy to follow an endorsement for a down-the-ticket race like this, or to simply choose a woman or person of color, I encourage you to consider why James makes an especially strong candidate.

I believe James Barrett **possesses the skills** to actually make a difference advocating with the legislature on the issues and implementing change in a large department. His experiences in community social action, on the school board, and effectively managing teams in a tech firm, have helped him hone the skills needed to make this job more than a figurehead post.

Check out his website!

Maija Samei

Anyone besides the one we

Anyone besides the one we have now!

Beverly Browne
former teacher

Conservative newspaper endorsement

James Barrett, who is a member of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board, seems to better articulate what the job entails and what can be accomplished.

[Note: I did not seek this endorsement in any way, nor were we asked specific questions requiring me to change my views to appeal outside the progressive base that I’ve always believed in.]

Manager with exceptional leadership skills.

James was my manager and he was managing our big team. His outstanding leadership skills was a motivation to the team. We all had great appreciation for our manager who used to support us in getting our project deliverables on time and with good quality. He normally encourages a cooperative atmosphere and supports group problem solving, ensuring that the tasks are completed on time without any personal conflicts. I have never seen James losing his temper on any difficult situations, but always motivated the team to meet all challenges with great patience. I would consider James as one of the best managers & a leader whom I have ever worked with. Today James is promoting the public schools in the state of NC. I’m sure his commitment and leadership skills will make him successful in achieving his objective.

Anu V
Ronsys technologies LLC

Candidate for NC House 19

28-year NC teacher knows James “gets it”

When you have a chance to talk to James, please ask those important questions that you need answered.  He listens and as an educator, I know that he “gets it” from a teacher point of view.

Susan Terry
Science teacher, FVHS in Wake Co, for 28 years

James Barrett for superintendent. Big on equity and literacy. He knows how to navigate politics and education. He is what our public schools need.

Amanda Wright
Jamezetta Bedford

Let’s bring NC Education back.

James Barrett is the kind of thoughtful, intelligent leadership to bring NC schools back to the future where we desperately need to be and treat teachers with the respect they deserve. This man knows his stuff.

Susan Rockel
NC REDI Alumnus

A very smart cookie

James Barrett is an excellent choice for a democrat state superintendent. There are 4 choices in the primary but he is good and reasonable and a very smart cookie.

I hope you’ll consider him, and truly, I’d count it as a personal favor if you looked him up and learned about him.

Carmen Eckard

I knew James was destined

I knew James was destined for great things when he and I would complain about the conditions of the lockers in gym class back at Chapel Hill High in 1986. “SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!” he’d say. Seriously, keep James working for the people of North Carolina!

Robert Edsall

Public school hero

l’m so pleased that someone of James’s dedication to public schools is running, and I wish him a solid victory.

Jean Earnhardt

thank you for your service

James – thank you for your dedication and service to our schools. While our children have moved on to higher education at the college level it was the schools that brought us to this area. We recognize how important a well support school system is to the health of a state. It is great schools that will attract businesses and quality employees to our state. It is great schools that will propel our youth to work on the myriads of issues our country will face. We need strong pro-education advocates like you at every level. It is critical that we have your experience, expertise, and passion leading us as State Superintendent.

Greg Lane

he cares about the students

he cares about the students

Tia Cheek

“Literacy Moms” support James for Democratic nomination

Are you a Democrat in NC and don’t know who to vote for State Superintendent? The “Literacy Moms” got together and interviewed all the candidates for State Superintendent and James Barrett is the best candidate on the Democrat side.

Here is James Barrett in his own words:

“I believe in science, and I believe in the science of reading. We’ve experienced decades of hand-wringing over why Johnny can’t read, and decades of misguided instructional guidance to teachers. But Mississippi knows how to get children to read. Bethlehem, PA, knows. How do they know? Because the science tells them so, clearly. One of my opponents says she believes in science, but immediately pivots to a “but every child is different” argument. But the science of reading shows clearly how to reach every different child. It’s time we help teachers, who are trying their best and doing what they’ve been told will work, to use what actually does work. Effectively managing change is what I do, and as the head of the Department of Public Instruction, I can make a difference here.”

Ginny Sharpless
Literacy Mom

The right man for this job!

James is a true advocate for ALL students, staff, and schools. I worked with him during my time as a member of our School Improvement Team. He studies all the minutia needed to make decisions that work best for all involved. He took an interest in the mentoring group I founded within the district. He knows the importance of guiding young kids in the right direction and encouraged me to continue that important work. I know he cares!

bruce manning
Teacher Assistant/After School Site Director
Ephesus Elementary After School

He’s my brother

While a family endorsement may not seem like much value, know that I’ve seen more than most how doing public service work has changed James. He lights up when he talks about his work with students and teachers in a way that nothing else does. I’m excited by all the good work that he can accomplish in this role!

Lia Barrett

He’s genuinely concerned about the

He’s genuinely concerned about the state of education.

Tinky Smith
Teacher, Halifax County

Great candidate! So glad

Great candidate! So glad James is willing to continue his service!

James L. (Jim) Ward

The candidate for schools.

I spoke with James at the Superintendent Town Hall at Edgecombe Community College and upon meeting him, I knew he was the candidate for NC Schools. Other candidates didn’t listen, lied on stage, or were halfway on the way to going asleep, James Barrett listened If you want a candidate who cares for public education, you want Jame Barrett.

Cameron Batts
Campaign Manager

The Best Candidate for State Superintendent

Having followed the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board public education in North Carolina closely I know that James has the best, most comprehensive understanding of the complex and challenging issues facing Public Education today. I urge everyone to view his detailed platform that addresses all key issues and demonstrates his superior level of understanding. He is immersed in the issues and wholly engaged in accomplishing the goal of getting all public schools to work towards a constitutional mandate that would dramatically improve public education in North Carolina. He’s very intelligent, and brings an unmatched, wholehearted, strong approach to advocating for public school needs and funding. His competence and presence will demand respect in working with the General Assembly. Please, let’s not miss the opportunity to elect the best candidate for State Superintendent.

John Ervin

Strongly supports students and teachers

I have had a good number of my friends ask for advice on who to support for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. If you will be voting in the democratic primary I recommend James Barrett. He is a good friend and professional colleague of mine. I had the pleasure of working with him when I served as interim superintendent of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. He was chair of the Board of Education at that time and still serves as a member of that board. He strongly supports students and teachers and promotes full funding for all school systems. Check out his website at https://barrettforschools.com

Dr James Causby

I think you can’t possibly

I think you can’t possibly get someone with more support and more advocacy for public education than James Barrett. I remember when he first ran for school board, he was one of the biggest voices of ways to close the achievement gap of what we need to do and focus on to get that done. He’s really brought out the conversation on equity in our district in a new way, and across the state we need to focus on equity.

Margaret Samuels

The BEST Democratic candidate

If you are voting in the democratic primary, please consider casting your vote for James Barrett. James Barrett is the BEST Democratic candidate to guide the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

He is in this race for children! He says out loud “I believe in the science of reading, and we can do better! You are right Mr. Barrett, we can do better, and we will do better for the children of the State of NC with you guiding our way, and illuminating the path!

If the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction does not ensure our children are given the fundamental right to read, and our beautiful teachers have the support and resources to do it we have ALL failed! Please, cast a vote for children! Vote for James Barrett!

Literacy for All! Until every child can read!


Jessica Van Hecke

Dedicated to education

I appreciate that I had the chance to serve on the Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Board of Education with James Barrett. He has always been a champion of what is best for students – supporting high quality and diverse educators, safe and healthy learning environments, appropriate individualized supports, and social justice.

Amy Fowler
Pediatrician, Vice Chair of Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools

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