James Barrett for NC Superintendent

Everyone can read. Everyone must read. We must teach everyone to read.

I’ve been known to say on the trail that the decision in this Democratic primary isn’t easy, because we all share the same values.

Apparently I’ve said that too many times, because karma has delivered up a whopper of a differentiating issue–the reading wars.  The subject line of this email shouldn’t be controversial. But not everyone in the race seems to believe in those statements, finding the status quo acceptable or just blaming poverty instead.

I believe in the science we know now about how students learn to read.  I believe we should provide instruction that matches the science.  I believe in the results that places like Bethlehem, PA, have achieved by using the science behind reading to greatly improve instruction for all students.

We can do better. We must do better for our students and for society.  And we must teach all students to learn to read, and not use guessing games which actively deprive them of necessary skills.

I have a track record of leadership skill, broad school policy work, and public school advocacy to make a difference in how we use the expertise of teachers and researchers to improve public education in NC.  Please help us get our message out across the state with a donation.

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