James Barrett for NC Superintendent

“Literacy Moms” support James for Democratic nomination

“Literacy Moms” support James for Democratic nomination

Are you a Democrat in NC and don’t know who to vote for State Superintendent? The “Literacy Moms” got together and interviewed all the candidates for State Superintendent and James Barrett is the best candidate on the Democrat side.

Here is James Barrett in his own words:

“I believe in science, and I believe in the science of reading. We’ve experienced decades of hand-wringing over why Johnny can’t read, and decades of misguided instructional guidance to teachers. But Mississippi knows how to get children to read. Bethlehem, PA, knows. How do they know? Because the science tells them so, clearly. One of my opponents says she believes in science, but immediately pivots to a “but every child is different” argument. But the science of reading shows clearly how to reach every different child. It’s time we help teachers, who are trying their best and doing what they’ve been told will work, to use what actually does work. Effectively managing change is what I do, and as the head of the Department of Public Instruction, I can make a difference here.”

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