Transparency lived

As a public official today, my official emails and public expenses are public records. I was surprisingly honored when the right-wing “pit bull” America Rising decided to do some research on me. Of course, there’s nothing to see here except my commitment to learning myself while doing the work for students and teachers. So here’s what they received from the school district:

Payments made on behalf of James Barrett for Professional Development
Jan 24, 2018Eggs & Issues (Chamber of Commerce Event$25
June 13, 2018Ethics Training$120
Sept 19, 2018District 5 Meeting$50
Oct 4-6, 2018NCCBSBM Annual Conference$100
Nov 11, 2018Ethics Training Webinar$90
Nov 12-14, 2018NCSBA Annual Conference$495
Feb 21-22, 20192019 Equity NC Event$250
Apr 30 – May 1, 2019NCSBA Public Policy Conference$250

My stipend as a board member:

Reimbursement to me for food and some transportation in San Antonio for national school board meeting:

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