Yes, teachers need to advocate on a school day

What the teachers are asking for are all good, extremely reasonable requests that I fully support. It’s regrettable that seemingly the only way to get the legislature’s attention is to come hold a mass, in-person protest that results in districts needing to shut down schools for the day. I call on the General Assembly to respond fully, adequately, and to the teachers’ satisfaction, before May 1, to put their words of support for North Carolina public education into action, as all our teachers and students deserve.

I also encourage all public education supporters to join our state’s teachers in Raleigh. Last year was so powerful to feel the love for our schools with 30,000 sharing a common voice for the common good. I’m sure this year will be the same.

Our teachers are asking for:

  1. Provide enough school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and other health professionals to meet national standards
  2. Provide $15 minimum wage for all school personnel, 5% raise for all ESPs (non-certified staff), teachers, admin, and a 5% cost of living adjustment for retirees
  3. Expand Medicaid to improve the health of our students and families
  4. Reinstate state retiree health benefits eliminated by the General Assembly in 2017
  5. Restore advanced degree compensation stripped by the General Assembly in 2013

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